Modified Launcher

After seeing how the standard launcher from Maplins was very wobbly with a 2 bottle rocket + Parachute module, I was doubtful that it would be able to hold the 4 bottle rocket at all.

I spent sometime this weekend adding some long pieces of wood to act as guide rails for the rockets. These should hold the rockets quite nicely even in fairly breezy conditions.

There are only guide rails on 3 sides, since I need to be able to still launch the rockets at a 45 degree angle in certain scenarios.

I also lengthened both the pressure hose and the trigger wire. I took the garden hose connector on the launcher apart and found that it was just a standard garden hose adapter with a long brass valve inserted into it. Using 2 more quick connect hose adapters and a piece of hose, I extended it by a couple of meters.

Below is a picture of the brass valve and hose connector.

And a picture of the hose going into the launcher

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