Progress Update

Work has been progressing rather slow recently. I’ve been very busy and just haven’t had the time to do some serious work on the guns. Coupled with the shorter days and awful weather we have been having in the UK the last few weeks, means I havn’t had a chance to go outside to do wood work / painting.

However I have more or less finished one gun now, with another 2 not far behind.

As you can see I’ve painted them with a large red side, this is so they comply to the VCRA (Violent Crime Reduction Act). It sad that we have to do such things, but better safe than sorry. I have also been experimenting with different types of sights and have attached a prototype one to the gun. It seems fairly accurate, I was easily able to aim perfectly from over 100ft. I will be testing some other types of sights in the coming weeks and hope to post a article comparing them.

The last two pictures are of the sensor. It is mounted in a Tic Tac box, which seems to be a pretty good fit. There will eventually be 3 sensors per gun, but I need some more people to eat Tic Tacs first.

Code wise, not much has changed. I have tidied up some of the code and made a few corrections to the parity encoding/decoding which has reduced the number of corrupt virtual bullets. It seems good enough now, with only one being received every 30-60 shots.

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